Assertion nedir? Assertion ne demek? Assertion çeşitleri nelerdir?

Assertion nedir?

Assertion terim anlamı:

The assertion, bir tez ya da makale yazımında özellikle argumentative bir makaleyse, yazının en kilit noktalarından birini oluşturacak olan, yazarın seçmiş olduğu konuyla ilgili iddiasını, açıklığa kavuşturan kısımdır.

Assertion sözlük anlamı:

Assertion, Türkçede sav, açıklama, iddia ve öne sürme gibi anlamlara gelebilmektedir.

Types of Assertion

1: Basic Assertion

Basic assertion is the simplest and directly articulation of what you believe or feel  about something usually wtihout evidence or facts. You may express it saying statements such as “She loves” or “I feel” statement.

2: Emphatic Assertion

This involves an emotional transitition from one person to another. It is a process with two parts-  first one is a recognition of the other person’s situation or feelings. The second one comes by a statement in which you declare for your rights.

3: Escalating Assertion

This occurs when the other person fails to respond to your basic assertion and continues to violate your rights. You gradually escalate the assertion and become increasingly firm. It may even include the mention of some type of resulting action on your part, made only after several basic assertive statements. For example; “If you don’t complete the work on my car by 5:00 tomorrow, I’ll be forced to call the Better Business Bureau.”

4: Language Assertion

Language Assertion can help you focus so that you can be calmer and be clear about your own feelings.  You can use this type of assertion;

When you want to describe the behavior. For example; When you do…..

When you want to describe how the behavior affacts you. For example; The effects are…

When you want to describe what you want. For example; I’d prefer….

When you want to describe your desire. For example; “So, I would like to….

5- Confrontive Assertion

You describe what was to be done… describe what actually occurred…  ya da express what you want to. 

6- Positive Assertion

Expressing positive feelings about yourself or someone else.

7- Repeated Assertion

Sometimes called “Broken Record.” Opposite of escalation. Simple, calm, repetition–saying what you want over and over again, rote repetition. Example:

8- Fogging Assertion

Acknowledging possibility of truth to what other person is saying–agreeing in concept but not necessarily in fact.

Assertion örnekleri

  • “I know you’re not the sorf of person, but I want to hear that you really loved me.  – Emphatic Assertion.
  • “I gave you a homework to complete that before monday  and you were suppossed to finish it in time. Now  today it is tuesday and you are telling me that you havent start yet.” – Confrontive Assertion
  • “I’m glad you came back to see me.” “I did a good job working with that upset student.” – Positive Assertion
  • “I know these rules may appear to make no sense, but they are the procedures I must use.” – Fogging Assertion
  • “You said you would complete this form and there is missing information.”…A sarcastic reply… “The form has not been completed.” …Another comment… “I have to have this form completed.” – Repeated Assertion

Biraz da soru çözelim mi?

#1 Whıch of the followıng ıs not a type of assertıon?

#2 What ıs the best defınıtıon of assertıon?


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