Anecdote nedir? Anecdote nerelerde ve ne amaçla kullanılır? Edebiyattan anecdote örnekleri. Anecdote nasıl yapılır?


An anecdote is a brief, revealing account of an individual person or an incident. Occasionally humorous, anecdotes differ from jokes because their primary purpose is not simply to provoke laughter but to reveal a truth more general than the brief tale itself, such as to characterize a person by delineating a specific quirk or trait, to communicate an abstract idea about a person, place, or thing through the concrete details of a short narrative. An anecdote is “a story with a point.”

They  may be real or fictional the anecdotal digression is a common feature of literary works. Oral anecdotes may typically involve subtle exaggeration and dramatic shape designed to entertain the listener. However, an anecdote is always presented as the recounting of a real incident. They involve actual persons and usually in an identifiable place. In the words of Jürgen Hein, they exhibit “a special realism” and “a claimed historical dimension.

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