Anachronism nedir? Anachronism çeşitleri nelerdir? Edebiyatta Anachronism.

Anachronism nedir

Anachronism yunancada “zamana karşı” anlamına gelen anachronous kelimesinden türemiştir. anachronism edebiyatta bir çeşit kronoloji ve zamansal çizgi hatasıdır. Doğru zamanda doğru yerde olmayan bir şey için anachronism terimi kullanılabilir.

An anachronism may be either intentional or unintentional. Intentional anachronisms may be introduced into a literary or artistic work to help a contemporary audience engage more readily with a historical period. Anachronism can also be used for purposes of rhetoric, comedy, or shock. Unintentional anachronisms may occur when a writer, artist, or performer is unaware of differences in technology, language, customs, attitudes, or fashions between different historical eras.

Edebiyatta Anachronısm

Anachronism is used especially in works of imagination that rest on a historical basis. Anachronisms may be introduced in many ways: for example, in the disregard of the different modes of life and thought that characterize different periods, or in ignorance of the progress of the arts and sciences and other facts of history. They vary from glaring inconsistencies to scarcely perceptible misrepresentation. It is only since the close of the 18th century that this kind of deviation from historical reality has jarred on a general audience. Sir Walter Scott justified the use of anachronism in historical literature: “It is necessary, for exciting interest of any kind, that the subject assumed should be, as it were, translated into the manners as well as the language of the age we live in.”However, as fashions move on, such attempts to use anachronisms to engage an audience may have quite the reverse effect, as the details in question are increasingly recognized as belonging neither to the historical era being represented, nor to the present, but to the intervening period in which the artwork was created. “Nothing becomes obsolete like a period vision of an older period”, writes Anthony Grafton; “Hearing a mother in a historical movie of the 1940s call out ‘Ludwig! Ludwig van Beethoven! Come in and practice your piano now!’ we are jerked from our suspension of disbelief by what was intended as a means of reinforcing it, and plunged directly into the American bourgeois world of the filmmaker.”

Anachronism can also be an aesthetic choice. Anachronisms abound in the works of Raphael and Shakespeare,as well as in those of less celebrated painters and playwrights of earlier times. Anachronisms can exist in ancient texts. Carol Meyers says that these anachronisms can be used to better understand the stories by asking what the anachronism represents. Repeated anachronisms and historical errors can become an accepted part of popular culture, such as Roman legionaries that wear leather armor.

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