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[Sabit] SIR GAWAIN AND THE GREEN KNİGHT ile the wound açıklaması  


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   It is written in the 14th century by an anonymous poet. The poem is perhaps the greatest Arthurian romance, but also one of the best narrative poems in english literature. The narrative describes the adventures of Sir Gawain, the king Arthur’s youngest knight, as his courage and vows of chastity and honour are tested by circumstances arranged by a giant of a knight, clad in the green armor with green face and green hair.

         There are four main parts in the poem;

  • The challange
  • Gawain’s Quest
  • The three temptation
  • Exchange Blow

     The Green knight tests Gawain’s ability to follow the virtues represented on his shield. In the story of Sir Gawaim and the Green Knight the code of chivelry is symbolized by Sir Gawain’s shield which bares a design of pentangle. The pentangle  symbolizes the virtues to which Gawain aspires:

  1. To be faultless in his senses
  2. Never to fail in his five fingers
  3. To be faitful to the five wounds that Christ received on the cross.
  4. To be strengthened by the five joys that the Virgin Mary had in Jesus ( the Annunciation- in christianity is the revelation to Mary, the mother of Jesus by the Archangel Gobriel that she would conceive a chil to be born the Son of God, Nativity- simply is the story of the birth of Jesus, The Resurrection- Jesus will descend to the earth on the Judgement Day, Ascension- holds that Jesus bodily ascended to heaven in the presence of his apostles, the forty days following his resurrection and Assumption means that Mary was transformed into Heaven with her body and soul united.
  5. And to possess brotherly love, courtesy, piety and chastity. The side of the shield facing Gawain contains and image og the Virgin Mary to make sure that Gawain never loses heart.

                                THE WOUND

       The neck wound in sir Gawain and the Green Knight is an important symbol which comes metaphorically represent his sin, his weakness and a symbol of his humility. His whole journey was a test, he sets undamaged but returns spiritually mor experienced and mature. He realizes his imperfection although he is supposed to be an ideal knight. In the story, the sin of not trading all his winning with Bertilak causes Gawain to suffer the wound.

       When Gawain retains the girdle instead of giving it to Bertilak, he displays his human flaw-his “desires to preserve his mortal life” Eventually, when the wound heals, it becomes a symbol of Gawain’ forgiven sins. The reminder it serves is not a painful memory, but rather a healty and positive one. Since Gawain realizes his sins and comes to terms with it, he is saved. Furthermore, he makes a point to remember his weakness.


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