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[Sabit] Romance ve Courtly love tradition açıklaması  


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A medieval adventure story, usually in verse, of some hero of chivalry and of love in which the incident are remote from everyday life. Romance includes supernatural elements and characters, fantasy, love, adventure even myht. England produced one notable romance in the 14th century, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

 The great age of medieval romance had been the 12th century and partly 13th centuries. In the second half of the 13th century and 14th centuries. In the second of 13th century and 14th century the french romances were introduced into english and the most famous of them was the Roman de la Rose.

 Courtly love tradition: Courtly love is the conventional medieval tradition or knightly love and conduct observed mainly in the medieval romances. According to the ruless of this tradition, a brave courageous knight woos and pays respect to a beatiful, intelligent, noble woman who remains chaste and unattainable. The knight performs noble deeds for her sake, but suffers terribly because she remains indifferent and cool. Often  the knight must keep secret the name of his beloved, although he carries her scarf or glove into battle. The lady is usually married to someone else; a basic principle of the tradition is the incompatibility of love with marriage.

The four marks of courtly love are humility, courtesy, adultery and the religion of love 

In this tradition, the woman is raised, the lady is a lord and the knight is vassal- a kind of slavery worker in exhange of land- it generates the cult of love. The woman is worshipped and by loving a beatiful lady the knight hopes to reach the devine love, God’s love) Romances were written for the well educated aristocratic audience in which women played an important role.