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He is the father of english poetry and the first national poet after the norman conquest. Today G. Chaucher still stands as one of the great shapers of literary narrative and character. He was born in London. He was the son of a prosperous wine merchant and deputy to the King’s butler and his wife Agnes. Little is known of his early education but his works show that he could read french, latin and Italian.

     In 1359-1360 Chaucher went to france with Edward III.’s army during the Hundred Years’war. He return to England in 1360 yet there is no certain information of his life from 1361 to c.1366.

Between 1367 and 1378 he made several journeys abroad on diplamatic and commercial missions. 1385 he lost his employement and rent-free home and moved to Kent where he was appointed as justice of the peace. He was also elected to Parliement. This was a period of great creativity for him during which he produced most of his best poetry, among others Troilus and Cressida, based on a love story by Boccaccio.

From his birth till his death he dealt continually with all sorts of people, the highest and the lowest. He was a keen observer and had an observant mind.  As a commoner himself, he had a sympathy with and understanding of the lower class.

He characteristically regards life in terms of aristocratic ideals but never lost the ability to see and reflect the poorer classes. His world was a realistic one. He took his narrative inspiration for his works from several sources but still remained an entirely individual poet, gradually developing his personal style and technics.

          His literary career can be devided into three parts:

  1. The french period The Italian period  3. The English period

During these periods Chaucher became acquainted with Italian and French writers such as Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio. His first major work, the book of the Duchess, was an elegy and two other early works by Chaucer were Anelifa and Arcite and the House of Fame.