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[Sabit] Beowulf ve Sir Gawain - Romance öğelerin açıklaması  


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Let's explain the romance by making reference to Beowulf and Sir Gawain.

  A romance; A medieval adventure story, usually in verse, of some hero of chivalry and of love in which the incident are remote from everyday life. Romance includes supernatural elements and characters, fantasy, love, adventure even myht.

On the historical background, the story of  Beowulf and Sir Gawain are mirrored in different social concjunctures due to the dates of composition. The writer of Beowulf is anonymous and the date of composition points out around the late 7th century while the writer of Sir Gawain is written in the 14 th century by an anonymous writer by extention the elements what they consits of are not identical. However, although the poets use the different elements, the arguments in which the poems take place are used broadly for similiar aims and seem to typifies an example of a romance to great extent in terms of medieval romance; likewise;

  1. Medieval romance usually idealizes chivalry 
  2. Medieval romance Idealizes the hero-knight and his noble deeds 
  3. An important element of the medieval romance is the knight's love for his lady. 
  4. The settings of medieval romance tend to be imaginary and vague. 
  5. Medieval romance derives mystery and suspense from supernatural elements   
  6. His triumph benefits his nation or group

First of all, both works are composed of supernatural and heroic elements which are depicted in the poems. We have a brave varior on both poems who influences his poeple with all their mighty power.

In Beowulf,  our hero fights with unnatural creatures and there is a battle between the good and devil which is embroidered with pagan and christian elements. But Beowulf unlike Sir Gawain fights with devil only for his own honour for example; between the line 665- 700, Beowulf leaves his companions behind and without having any weapons asserts that the devine lord will give the victory to the one which truely deserves it. And most distinctive difference from the Sir Gawain, Beowulf doenst fight for the sake of a lady. He is not pursuit in treasure or favors of the lady but he is ready to die for the honour of his name. In this respect, chivalric attitudes are different on both poems. Also in Beowulf there is no place for humulity of weakness. On the other hand, Gawain has not only the reputation of being a great knight but also courtly lover. The code of chivalry, in particular, shapes the values and actions of Sir Gawain and other characters in the poem. The ideals of chivalry derive from the Christian concept of morality, and the proponents of chivalry seek to promote spiritual ideals in a spiritually fallen world. The pentangle represents the five virtues of knights: friendship, generosity, chastity, courtesy, and piety. Gawain’s adherence to these virtues is tested throughout the poem, but the poem examines more than Gawain’s personal virtue;

   The Green Knight barely cuts Gawain on the neck.  The neck wound in Sir Gawain represents his sin and weakness. He tells Gawain that the first two blows were for the first two days of their agreement, when Gawain fairly repaid him his wife's kisses. The small cut was for accepting the belt and concealing it. Overcome with shame, Gawain acknowledges his fault .


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