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[Sabit] What are authobiographical elements in Kafka’s metamorphosis?  


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  • Oudipus complex
  • The symbol of Apple which causes an unsual wound to kill him. It symbolizes how the way of his father speak to him and the criticism of his father tortures and distance him from his family. In his real life, Kafka went away from his family in order to concentrate on his writings
  • The influence of family
  • His father’s pressure and his obligation to provide his family
  • His working hours and his view towards business life, similiarities between his dislike of working time schedule
  • His sister Grete and “Ottla” real sister and the afflictions of his disease and his sister as his caretaker as it was the case of his real life
  • His sensibility and proneness to the noise like Kafka himself

My personal analysis: (sınav sorusudur)

His transformation implies an individual reflection of a social paralysis in which they lived with modernism. His alienation emerges out when he lost his job, or become unable to work, or  when he is fired. And his physical appearance like a monstrous , in fact, is being formed by his family because of his new social identy in the absence of his work, becoming useless and pathetic. Shortly the society labels him. His transformation is a symbol and used as a device to represent the usulessness and wortheless of a muture man and also abondenment so in this way is an element of expressionism.

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