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Grotesque • According to Victor Hugo and Wafgand Kayser  


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Grotesque: is an adjective used for the fantastic, ugly, bizaarrei ludicrous, antique, disgusting, extravagant, whimsical.

  • According to Victor Hugo Grotesque is everwhere on one hand it creates the formless and the terrifiying on the other the comic and the buffoon-like ( sm. who does silly amusing things)

The essential aspect of this form is monstrous. The esthetics of grotesque are to certain extent the esthetics of monstrous. But at the same time Hugo reduces the intrinsic value of Grotesque by declearing that it is a means of contrasting the sublime of the two complete each other and their unity produces the truely beautiful.

  • According to Wafgand Kayser the essential trait of grotesque is something hostile, alien and inhuman. He stresses the element of alienation, the grotesque is is the alienated world

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