[Sabit] Realistic ve nonrealistic drama arasındaki farklar  


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 İn realistic drama;

  • Realistic dramatic style refers to the appearance of lifelikeness.
  •  It is sometimes  a photographic copy of common, observable experience.
  • In drama, realisim is the attempt reproduce or imitate the sights and sounds of real life
  • Staging of a realistic drama must be as true to life as possible

  İn nonrealistic drama;

  • Non realistic drama is usaully staged with only few or no realistic effects.
  • In nonrealistic plays there symbols which represents abstract ideas or concepts, characters, figures, colors, musics, flasback are used
  • This can be seen with a speech that is stated by Tom in scene 1 of the play ; He implies with his opening speech that all these methods give the writers “ a poetic licence

A poetic licence means a freedom that poets and other artist have to change the facts, to illuminate the feelings which are hidden in characters inside.

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