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Hamartia in Oedipus açıklaması  


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Hamartia in Oedipus ( Sınav sorusu)

İt is a term developed by Aristotle in his poetics.

  • The term refers to the characters’ flaw and errors.
  • hamartia is described by Aristotle as one of the three kinds of injuries that a person can commit against another person.
  • This form of drawing emotion from the audience is a staple of the Greek tragedies. In Greek tragedy, stories that contain a character with a hamartia often follow a similar blueprint. The hamartia, as stated, is seen as an error in judgment or unwitting mistake is applied to the actions of the hero.

                For example: the hero might attempt to achieve a certain objective X; by making an error in judgment, however, the hero instead of it,  achieves the opposite of X, with disastrous consequences.

     -In Greek tragedy, the concept of hamartia as an error in judgment or unwitting mistake is applied to the actions of the hero.   And.....

This is seen in Oedipus Rex,  Oedipus, his father and mother all tries to prevent the fulfillment of the prediction that he would kill his father and begets from his mother.                                                  

But all attempts only cause the prophecies come true  miserably. Because He is always  under the delusion that he can solve all riddles or problems by using his visdom, but by running away from the fate, he becomes a puppet of fate and concludes that he deserves this miserable fate.

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