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Catharsis in Oudipus açıklaması  


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Explain Catharsis   in Oudipus  ( sınav sorusu)

İt is derived form “katharein”, a Greek word meaning “ cleanse” İt has come down to contemporary discourse by way of religios, medical and learned traditions.

    Verb “ cleanse” means to remove everything that is bad or immoral from a person’s character –like purify-

  • In order to escape from unclean influences man had to purify himself and also objects around him.
  • Uncleanliness originated from actions that were not permitted. To disturb a taboo made a man “unclean.
  • The cleaning can be performed by means of water, blood, change of garment, wine, fire, or sacrifice.
  • The cathartic actions were performed in disciplines or rituals, aimed at a spiritual and moral cleansing of sins. Closely related to religious purification is the medical concept of catharsis or purgation.
  • Religious and moral sins were associated with disease. Purification and purgation were means of getting rid of disease and plague. A plague was considered a retribution due to individual or collective behavior that was in violation of the laws of God or Nature.  
  • This is seen in Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex, for Oedipus has broken a taboo against incest, and a plague punishes Thebes. When Oedipus is also punished, the plague is removed, andThebes is cleansed.
  • Oudipus’ moral sins:
  • He had a incest relationship with her real mother.
  • He pretends to be more powerful than the gods.. He says”  I am oudipus, all the world knows me”  He says “you pray to gods? Let me grant your prayer”
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