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Why is the plato’s republic unti-democratic?  


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15/01/2019 1:07 pm  

Plato is anti-democratic. There is one liberal group. Plato suggests that there five basic forms of government. His own ideal constitution can be conceived as either royalty or aristocracy

……. There were no classess in Plato’s republic. “ everyone had one role which is inherited” this is not democratic. There is no class. This is not justice

…….Plato says that women are not rational.

…….He recejts the poetic itself as he believes that it gives us imagination reflected injustice aspects. İt uses a kind of manifestation. It is rhetorical. It is manifestation of rhetoric…. He believed hypocracy, specialization of people. Everbody  can just do one work, task or label. Poetry takes away people from all self-works. On the other hand, poetry by extention was the beginning of criticism which may be regarded as a frotintier form of democracy.

 …… He claimed that only by the way of reason, truth, rational mind we can reach to coherence, unity. But on the other hand he only endeared Philosophers with such attributes not the rest of , the mojority og the society. And that brings two view of politic which appears inconsistent even preposterous.

…… Everyone should be supported by his own tasks. There should not be any individual attempt. To be justice “ one man is not fitted for one task” there is no democracy.