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[Sabit] Why does Plato reject poetry?  


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     He thinks that it only teaches how to manipulate the truth. Each book is a manifesto of rhetoric. There are many figuritives of speech. There is an objective truth for Plato. He was strongly against the rhetoric. He believed that there is one truth which is unchangeable, unshakeable, objective truth whereas the Sophists say “ the truth is relative”

      According to Plato, the world of Forms, being changeless and eternal, alone constitutes


        He claimed for poetry;

  1. There was a huge gap between the poor and rich people in society according to Plato, literature as useless for society to avoid the chaos. This is the art of manipulation
  2. So rhetoric was menacing for republic as it teaches people individualism, as it shows the imitation of imitation of the life, of the truth, not the truth itself. Therein lies the problem for  Plato’s republic. According to plato, the truth was not important for Sophists. Rhetoric had to discuss and this was all about rhetoric. What they said was not important.
  3. Poetry’s main threat resides in its ability to upset the finely attuned balance achieved as a model of subjectivity in rulers. In book X, Plato will allege that poetry establishes a “vicious constitution” in the soul, setting up emotions as rulers in place of reason
  4. Cohorence and unity are important for individual necesessity. There is supported to be unity. Individual rules are important for society. Poetry corrupts this cohorence and gives us false assumptions and corrupted rationality. It teaches people how to manipulate and it corrupts the social order,
  5. according to plato its important how to defend the truth. The truth was not changeable. It is limited. It is not subjective, relative. Art of speech and poetry

 “world of ideas” – poetry is limited. There is nothing in its ideas. Poetry represents us how to manipulate. It is based on inspirations, emotions, feelings to reach the truth. Plato asserts that “ every human action should be reasonable” unity of society, harmony and coherence in a society are important

 On the other hand; The project of philosophy;

  1. The project of philosophy, in Plato’s hands, is to stabilize that world, drawing all of its scattered elements into the form of order and unity under which alone they can be posited as absolute and transcendent. It might be more accurate to say that, whatever the world is like in actuality, the only version of it to which the guardians should be exposed is that which sees it as orderly and coherent
  1. the struggle between philosophy and poetry emerges as a struggle for language, a struggle not merely to define the qualities of human nature or of the divine world, but to define these qualities “in themselves.” The guardians must be protected from exposure to the ideological and linguistic matrix of poetry so that philosophy might work on the ideologically instituted tabula rasa or blank slate of the soul, enjoying a freely receptive domain not only for the inscription of its own ideological agenda but for its effective kenosis and remolding of language itself

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