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ARISTOTLE notları ve difference between poetry and history açıklaması  


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….. He just emphasizes actuality, the facts of the world. Aristotle says “ down to earth” he is interested in facts not ideas. He has different ideas from Plato’s. He establishes the school called  “lyceum” everthing has potential itself. Everything has an end.

 ….. State- individual can not be self-sufficient. He says that “ man is a social animal and everone completes each other”

What is the function of poetry in society?

 Poetry is useful because hirarchy of knowledge is important to reans means. It helps to reach virtueness. There is no ideal in Aristotle’s own state. It is practical not ideal

What is the difference between poetry and history?

   According to Aristotle there is unity ans probability in poetry. Probability means verisimilitude of poetry to life. It should reflect life, practical truth. But there is an important between verisimilitude and probability in history itself so there are some differences;

History= individual, sided, specific, momentory units of time, past

Poetry=  future, universal things, never ending validity

Tragedy= hero is a strong man. prince or king , a virtuous man. he purifies from dangerous results. We are aslo prufied from dangerous emotions. There is a process of plot which creates catharsis. Imıtation is a form of learning not to manipulate. Art teaches us how to learn. It imitates actions which should be guided by reasoning. This process of visdom leads us higher visdom. History is limited by facts. Poetry tells limitless, may trancend the time. It gives us what should be. It is starting criticism, perfection of poetry and literature. Concerning ethics it teaches us morality. It gives the life of the civilized men not the life of barbarian