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[Sabit] Magical realist öğe örnekleri ve authorial resistance ile ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF SOLITUDE  


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      Garcia Marquez actually doesnt consider his fiction an an example of magical realism. For him, his kind of social fiction is social realist rather than magical, surrealistic or fantastic.

   Acccording to Wendy B. Faris: there are two types of magical realism: the scholarly type and the mythic or folkloric type. The mythic type is found in Latin America. The scholarly type is applied by european writers. This type as indicated by Faris “loses itself in art and conjecture to illuminate or construct a speculatşve universe”

    While explaining the mythical type of magical realism, Faris suggests that “the eternal mythic truths and historical events are both essentiaş components of our collective memory. Thus these histories can include magic and folk wisdom” and claims Marquez’s is mythical type. In his writing he makes much use of mythic truths and social and historical events. The ancient systems of belief and local lore often underlie the novel.

       For example, the events told by Ursula’s point of view all reflect folk wisdom. The character Ursula is a symbol of matriarchal society. Flying carpets, Jose Arcadio’s blood travelling across Macondo and finding Ursula are clearly magic

   Wendy B. Faris explains the way in which two different worlds (fantastic and the real) are combined in a work of magical realism. Gabriel Garcia Marquez successfully steps backward and forward fluently on these fluid boundaries

      For example; although Melquiades, the gypsy magician, died  long ago, Aureliano sess him and talks to him and the spirit of Melquiades helps Aureliano to solve the parchements written in Sanskrit.

       In terms of the principle of “authorial resistance”:

      The novel perfectly satisfies this condition. The narrator of the novel keeps his reticence always telling the events and actions of the characters but never commenting on the events and never explaining the feelings of the characters.

       In terms of magical realism:

Magical realism interrogates all received ideas about time, space and identity. It accomplishes this by using skillful time shifts, flashbacks and flashforwards.

    Our sense of time is violated throughout the novel: with such examples: “with four years, eleven months, and two days of rain”

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