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Magical Realisim, Fantastic literature ile Roland Walter, Wendy B. Faris ve Cuddon karşılaştırması -  


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According to Wendy B. Faris:

1.      It is set in the real world.

2.      Magic Realism is fiction in which actuality contains inherent magic. Magic exists within a recognizable reality that is often carefully detailed, which authenticates the fiction lending it brevity. This is often re-enforced with equally carefully detailed magic.

3.      Combines the paradox of magic and reality without explanation

4.      In magic realism reality and magic cease to be polar opposite worlds. There are no clear lines of black and white, rather consistently more complex realities.

According to Cuddon:

  1. Some of the characteristics features of this kind of fiction are the mingling and justaposition of the realistic and the fantastic or bizarre, skillful time shifts even labyrinthine narratives and plots, myths and fairy stories, the element of surprise or abrupt shock, the horrific and the inexplicable
  2. As indicated by Cuddon, magical realism blends the fantastic or bizarre together with the realistic.

  One could question the difference between the fantastic lit. and magical realism?


        In fantastic lit , the fantastic or the bizarre can create abrupt shock in the reader whereas in Magical realism, the fantastic, the supernatural, the inexplicable and the bizarre are perceived in a natural way and they dont create surprise. It is necessary that in magical realism the natural and social realities should be juxtaposed with the supernatural elements such as dreams, myths, and fairy stories.

 According to Roland Walter:

1.      The genre of magical realism must blend the fantastic and the supernatural with reality in a natural way.

2.      The narrator and the characters perceive the supernatural or the extraordinary as if they were natural.

3.      The third feature of magical realism is the principle of authorial reticence. In a magical realist text, the narrator deliberately witholds information and explanations about the fictitious world and the narrator just tells the events and the actions of the characters. The narrator should never comment on the accuracy and credibility of the events in the novel. The narrator should be indifferent. Otherwise, the first two rules will be violated.

4.      Irony has been one of the most powerfuş and useful devices in magical realist texts

5.      A carnivalesque spirit (alayla politik güçlere karşı çıkma)  is common in magical realist texts.

6.      Magical realism provides political criticism. It has been a useful device to criticize society, especially the elite.

Magical Realisim, Fantastic literature ile Roland Walter, Wendy B. Faris ve Cuddon karşılaştırmas, ingiliz dili ve edebiyatı ders notları

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