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In How Soon Hath Time ve When I consider How My Light Is Spent Karşılaştırması  


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  • The two sonnets are thematically connected in revealing a personal understanding of the issue time in relation to the destiny in general and of the poet in particular.
  • The common to both poems image of God is the “taskmaster”, and people having certain purposes to accomplish in life.


  • How soon hath time reveals the poet’s anxiety of not fulfilling his duties. He says; “ how soon hath time, the subtle thief of youth/ stol’n on his wing my three and twentieth year!” he is appalled by the rapid passing of the time like a bird.


  • The speaker stepped into a new age and says he reached to the muturiy physically but he doesnt feel himsel likewise, in his innerworld he has not yet reached to the same extent. He says; “ That I to manhood arriv’d so near/ And inward ripeness doth much less appear,” he realizes the signifacance of the time and that he should use the time by fulfilling his tasks before the time leads him to heaven, to God.



  • In when i consider how my light is spent, written many years later on the subject of his blindness, the poet considers his talent “useless” and his blindness a punishment for not accomplishing the task.
  • However , his anxiety disappears when the poet realizes the importance of faith and devotion to God. His blindness is “his yoke”, the burden that he must bear but the handicap cannot prevent him from serving God by his belief, which is of spritual essence and thus far superior than any physical activity, work or “exact day labour”.
  • God “doth not need/either man’s work or his own gifts” and those “who best/bear his mild yoke, they serve him best” and “they also serve who only stand and wait