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[Sabit] Andrew Marvel, The passage of time - sınav sorusu açıklaması  


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14/01/2019 6:01 pm  

Marwell uses the passage of time in a playful and ironic manner. For example in the poem of To his Coy Mistress firstly he approaches to the lady in a similiar way to the petrarchan conceit. But he makes the parody refined and playful and his approach to the lady and the time are different from petrarchan conceit in this regard. The lady is unreachable but she is not angelic she is only extremely shy and hesitant. He says I would Love you ten years before the Flood; And you should, if you please, refuse Till the conversion of the Jews” Human life is limited. İf there is an eternity for us,  i would love you forever as in petrarchan conceit. The flood most possible refers to the creation of time and the conversion of the Jews may refer to the end of the time. After this playful argument he shifts to the physical reality of the time. He says “Time’s winged chariot hurrying near”  In Greek mythology, the sun was personified as the god Apollo, who rode his golden chariot from east to west each day. Thus, Marvell here associates the sun god  with the passage of time. He creates a fearful atmosphere for the lady. He uses the time as a weapon, as a means of persuation the lady not a means of dignify. He uses the carpe diem in orde to persuade the lady. She should enjoy her beauty while she has still time when she is young , all possible love, joy. He presents hedonism in search of pleasue to make the best. Time should be enjoyed for the possibility to defeat the mortality. He believe that the time can not be stopped but with the sexual intercourse its devestating effects on humans body  can be reduced in which can be subdued to some extent